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Lockdown FAQs

Fonder Foods is deemed an essential service and has all the necessary permits and authorizations in place to continue to operate through the National Lockdown. To minimize contact and time in public we strongly encourage you to make use of our online store and choose to collect your pre-packed parcel in store or opt to receive a free weekly delivery, if you live in one of our delivery areas.

Zero contact shopping for your safety and ours.

We have put together a list of FAQs relevant to use of our online store and delivery system during lockdown. If you have any further questions during lockdown please contact us at or call the store between 9:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday on 087 152 0159.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I arrange delivery of my order and where do you deliver to?

When you checkout select the day and area that applies to you. Your order will be delivered to you on that day between 2pm and 5pm, and we will do our level best to stick to this time slot. If we are running late we will call ahead to warn you.

Our delivery schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays: Hillcrest, Waterfall, Forest Hills
  • Tuesdays: Winston Park, Gillitts, Kloof
  • Wednesdays Area 1: Pinetown , Cowies Hill
  • Wednesday Area 2: Riverside, Durban North, Glenashely, Glen Anil
  • Thursdays Area 1: Westville
  • Fridays: Glenwood, Morningside, Musgrave



2. I placed an order for delivery already. How do I top up my order?

As more product comes into stock we will be adjusting what is available on our online store. This means you may have placed an order when something was out of stock and now that it is in stock you want to add it to your basket. No problem, just place another order and select "Top Up My Existing Delivery". We track all orders by your name. 


3. What If my my area does not appear as a delivery option?

If your area is out of our range you can choose to collect your pre-packed parcel in-store.


4. If I am collecting, how do I know when my order is ready for collection?

Whether you are collecting or your order is being delivered, once your order has been processed and packed you will receive an automatic email to say your order is ready for collection or delivery. If you are collecting you can then come through to the store at 2 Village Road to collect. We are open for collections between 9:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday. When you arrive, no payment will be necessary (this will already have been done when you ordered online), just state your name and we will hand you your parcel. Please ensure you wear a mask when entering the store. We cannot allow public into the store without a mask.

5. How long before delivery and collection time must my order be placed?

Orders are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis so we recommend you order a day in advance to help us plan and reserve the best product for you. All orders for delivery need to be placed before 10am on the day of delivery or collection at the very latest. Once an order is placed we will reserve your dairy and fresh produce for you. 

6. Can I order for someone else?

Absolutely! Put their address as the shipping address and put their name and phone number in the comments section of the order so we are aware, and we will deliver to them. 

7. Will you always have everything in stock?

Our range on the website reflects what is available at the start of each day. Stock updates as orders are processed. Get your orders in early to secure your produce.

Dry goods: We do not foresee any supply problems with most of our dry goods. 

Fresh produce: Our fresh produce is delivered daily and stock levels will depend on the volume of orders received on the day so please do get orders in early if you can. 

Dairy and Eggs: Farm 2 You has teamed up with Gourmet Greek to keep deliveries coming in . Our yoghurts, cheeses and milk are delivered on Tuesdays and will continue through lockdown. Our eggs are delivered on Wednesdays and will continue. Because milk deliveries are only once a week we will not be able to offer milk to our Monday delivery area, but if you live in this area you are welcome to pop into the store to collect.

Breads: We have teamed up with the beautiful Ndalo Bakery in Drummond for daily fresh sourdough breads and have made arrangements with Glenwood bakery that we will be stocking their breads in Frozen form. Their breads freeze beautifully and we will be putting out a post on the best process to follow to defrost them to ensure you get near-perfectly-fresh bread once defrosted. Stocks on the fresh breads are limited daily so please get orders in the day before.

Please bear in mind the supply situation changes day by day. Our suppliers are open but many are facing hurdles with logistics and their staff are struggling to get to work in some areas because of reduced availability of public transport. We are all doing our best and will keep you updated.

8. What Happens if you cannot fulfill my order? 

As much as we will endeavour to ensure we can provide you with everything you have ordered there may be occasions when orders on the day exceed our stock levels, specifically with fresh produce. Please get your orders in early to avoid this situation. Should this occurr we will contact you and give you the option to replace the out of stock item with something else of similar value or opt to collect that item from the store as soon as it comes back into stock.

9. What if I live in a gated estate?

Some complexes are quick and easy to access, some are not. We prefer to meet you at the gate, as many complexes are not allowing deliveries in. If the guard does not call you on our arrival or you do not have a guard at the gate we will give you a call when we arrive. If you are not able to meet us at the gate please let us know. If you need to send us an access code you can send it to 084 329 8557.


10. What precautions do you take when you pack and deliver?

Over lockdown Founder Foods will be predominantly operating as a packing facility - with customers entering for pick-ups or by exception only. This allows us to control our exposure in the store. None of the staff working during lockdown are reliant on public transport so their exposure is limited. All staff are masked when working in the store, as an additional precaution. Hand sanitizer is used consistently. All our baskets, containers and scoops are sanitised daily or after any accidental contact by a customer.

When we deliver we will unload your parcels at your gate and give you a call when we arrive. We will step away from your parcel, wait for you to collect, give you a quick wave and hello before we leave, maintaining a 2m distance at all times. 


11. Will you still deliver if I am self isolating or sick?

Yes, of course! This is the most important time for you to get food deliveries. Our precautions listed above will ensure there is minimal/no risk to us. As an extra precaution we ask that you also please wear a mask when collecting your delivery.


12. How do I return my Farm 2 You milk bottle during lockdown and get my deposit refund?

Thank you for supporting Farm 2 You!! If you have milk bottles to return please hand them back to the driver when you get your next parcel delivery. We will issue you with a voucher for our online store for the equivalent deposit value of your bottles. If you do not receive your voucher within 1 working day please follow up with us via email on